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AqUi eS dOnDe EscRiBo tOdO Lo QuE PiEnSo Y tOdO Lo qUe Me PaSa .Si TieNeN aLgUna DuDa o ComeNtaRio SoLo EscRiBaN

lunes, enero 29, 2007

My Dear:

I dreamt once that I lost you; We were on icebergs and I can't remember if you were floating away from me or i was floating away from you.
But I remember waking up beside you, It was the middle of the night and it was raining, like tonight.
And I heard your breathing, calming me. It was like we could speak without words, .I wonder how we really learned it, this secret language.
I only know that at some point, in the silence, I hear you.
And now I'm left without words, these useless words, when all I want is to be beside you again.
To make you feel safe, to help you sleep,To bring you back to me